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The Ultimate She Shed Guide

You have heard of men in sheds, but have you heard of she sheds?. No, well get ready, because this is the latest trend. Across the world, homeowners are building she sheds in their gardens. There are all kinds of types. Here are just a few examples.

She shed options

The thing about a shed is that it is a private space that can be used for practically any purpose. The availablity of modern building materials means that they are definately no longer those ramshackle drafty places which were only really fit for storing the mower in.

Yoga sheds

One of the most popular configurations is the yoga shed. Most people opt for a wooden one. They are the ideal way for you to feel closer to nature. Being in an enviroment that is free of man-made materials is a surprisingly relaxing experience. 

At their simpiest yoga sheds just have a mat or maybe two in them. With some sort of speaker system or a way to mount your iPad, so you can follow your teacher´s instructions. 

In time, you may want to add some more items to your yoga shed, so you can use it for other types of exercise. Or, you may want to turn it into a meditation and/or spa style space. Adding a comfortable chair and a heater can be a good idea. In some cases, it is possible to add a small sauna to the corner of your sauna shed.

A craft shed

A lot of women love nothing better than to spend a few hours creating. They find it relaxing and it is always nice to be able to make gifts for friends and family. A shed is a great way to keep everything you need to hand, but out of the way.

If you do opt for a craft shed, consider having a large window installed. It is much nicer being to work in natural light, especially if you are working on something that requires close work. 

A home office

A lot of women run home businesses. Setting up an office in the corner of a shed is a great way of keeping everything you need for work close at hand. It also helps to have somewhere to go to that seperates you a bit from your family life.  Going into your shed office makes it possible for you to switch from one mode to another.

A cute chill out space

An old garden shed can make a really comfortable outdoor room. In some sheds there is enough space for a two-seater sofa and a coffee table. Plus, maybe another comfy chair and a couple of nice pot plants. It is great to be able to slip out and enjoy a coffee, brunch or afternoon tea out there. This works particulalry well if you have a shed with big windows or can open up a panel or two. On colder or wet days you can still otu there and enjoy looking out at your garden. It is a good way to spend a bit more time enjoying the outdoors, without necessarily having to be out in the elements.


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