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Why You Need To Lose Weight?


Do You Really Need to Lose Weight?

Do you really need to lose weight? Are you putting your health in danger — or just carrying around a little harmless extra padding?

The standard answer is that you’re overweight if your body mass index (BMI) is 25 or higher and obese if your BMI is 30 or higher. But some new research is confusing the weight-and-health issue a bit.

A study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that people whose BMIs put them into the overweight category actually had a lower risk of death than people in the normal-weight group. (People who were considered obese still had an increased risk of death.)

When looked at the overweight group, these group were associated with fewer than the expected number of deaths.  It does mean that if you’re overweight, but not obese, you should quit worrying about dropping the extra pounds.

Ask youself the follwing questions if you are overweight.

What is your lifestyle?

Regular physical activity and healthy eating are important, no matter what your weight or your BMI.

What is your family history?

If a close relative has a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or other weight-related ailment, it’s crucial to be mindful of your weight.

What is your weight history?

People who have consistently gained weight over the years need be careful. Experts say your BMI should not increase dramatically, even as you age. Even moderate weight gain in adulthood can increase your risk of diabetes.

How is your weight distributed?

Weight gained above the hips — the so-called “apple” shape — can be problematic. In both men and women, bigger abdomens can signal trouble.

What is your waist size?

The National Institutes of Health has determined that a waist circumference of over 40 inches in men and over 35 inches in women signifies a health risk, particularly in people with BMIs of 25-34.9 (the overweight category). Clothing size is not a good indicator of weight or health, since sizes vary with different manufacturers. But you can use your own clothing — maybe a favorite pair of pants — as a personal gauge of your weight.

What is your health profile?

If your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are high and your BMI falls into the overweight or obese category, it’s important to lose weight. If your BMI is in the high end of healthy or in the low overweight range, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about whether weight loss is right for you. How do you feel? Seriously consider weight loss if you are overweight and have joint problems, shortness of breath, or other health troubles that limit your day-to-day living.

See more here: webmd.com/diet/features/do-you-really-need-to-lose-weight





Simple Steps to Increase your Bitcoin Holdings


In this article i will be sharing some simple steps that will allow you to increase your bitcoin and digital currency holdings.  the tips I will share are simple and easy to perform and should you follow them then im sure you will soon start to increase the amount of bitcoin you hold yourself.

Bitcoin affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an art that allows you to promote /sell other peoples products and be paid a percentage of the fee as a comission. This is a very lucrative business model for many.  vendors who own the products needs customers and in return for you brining them customers they will split some of the payment with you.

The company Amazon is a typical example of how successful affiliate marketing can be. Now imagine if you was to do the same but instead of being paid in regular fiat currency like the dollar of british pound, you will instead get paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Simply do a quick google search for bitcoin affiliate marketing to find affiliate systems that pay you in bitcoin.

Accept Bitcoin as a means of payment

If you already have a website or you are already selling products online then why not sell them for bitcoin, even better still, why not offer a discount if users buy your service using difgital currency.. By doing this you will be able to earn bitcoin in no time at all.

Earn Bitcoins by completing tasks on websites

A number of websites are popping up that allow you to solve and complete tasks on their websites and in return they will pay you in bitcoin. Again a simple google search will reveal such sites in their plenty. remember new sites get added daily so try and stay on top of the ball.

Gain More Muscle With This Muscle Building Advice


You may be tempted to rush out to the gym now that you’ve decided you want to build your muscles. However, working out isn’t going to be effective until you know what you’re doing. Read this article to learn some effective muscle building techniques that you can use to help maximize your ability to build your muscles.

Consider drinking a protein shake before starting your weight-training workouts. Liquid minerals tend to be absorbed quicker in the body than solid food, so think about having a shake filled with protein, about 10 to 20 grams. The protein shake will help give you a boost of protein to encourage protein synthesis, which is the way to building muscles.

When following a lifting routine, try to always workout your abs last. When you train your abs before a large body part, you can decrease your strength and increase your chances of getting injured. This is why you should do your ab workout after your main workout, or you could simply make it a separate workout during a different time.

In order to successfully gain muscle, it is important to have a strategy, and a plan to execute that strategy. There are various resources that you can utilize to determine which strength-training exercises your plan will incorporate. You should also set a schedule that is easy to follow, and will not overwhelm you. Go over your plan with a professional trainer to make certain that it can fulfill your goals.

If you really want to start gaining muscle, consider getting a trainer. A trainer is an expert and has likely been where you are now. Ask a trainer about what kind of exercises are best, what kind of diet you should have and how often you should be at the gym. Trainers can be a great source of information and motivation so you can meet your own muscle building goals.

While training hard to build muscle, make sure to consume plenty of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide your body with the glucose that it needs for energy. When you’re working hard you need energy to survive. Failure to consume enough carbohydrates can result in your body breaking down muscle to provide it with the protein and carbohydrates that it needs to survive.

As you become more experienced in working out, it’s very important that you make sure to adjust the amount of weight you lift. Once you get stronger, you are either going to have to increase your weight or your reps in order to get that pump you need for achieving additional muscle growth. Try to increase gradually the amount of weight you lift to ensure that you don’t overexert yourself.

If you are wanting to add more muscle definition to your body, try compound exercises. This is especially important when you are just starting to build muscle mass. Compound exercises are ones that exercise several muscle locations simultaneously. Once you have built your base muscle mass and strength, it is okay to start introducing more isolation exercises into you muscle building workout regimen.

Know your limitations, and don’t stop short of exhausting them. Push your body during each set, working until you just cannot lift that weight again. It may help to reduce your set lengths in the beginning if you get overtired.

Try to do bench presses and squats in the same manner that you do deadlifts, which is from a complete stop. Utilize bench and squat movements in the power rack, and allow the safety bars to be set at a certain point where this bar is at the bottom of these moves. You need to let the bar settle on this point. This helps you to remove any elastic tension, which assists you in increasing your strength.

Volume is an important component of muscle growth. An excellent method of building muscle is by utilizing German Volume Training. This type of training instructs you to perform ten sets of ten reps for just one exercise. It’s ideal that this exercise is a compound one in order to achieve the most growth.

Whenever you are working out in order to build muscles, you should have a well-defined goal in mind. Aim to increase the number of reps you do, the maximum weight that you use, or the overall length of your workout. In order to really improve your muscles, rather than simply exercise them, you need to keep them constantly challenged.

Use caution when it comes to how heavy you lift because certain exercises are not good for lifting heavy. If you are working on your neck, doing regular dips, or trying split squats, then you will want to reduce your load so as not to cause injury to your joints. Some exercises where you can safely use larger weights include: presses, rows and deadlifts.

Before starting a seriously heavy full body workout regimen, make sure your body has good stability for weight lifting. Do six weeks of exercises designed to strengthen your core and back. Even when you start going for big exercises, make sure that your back is getting more attention than your shoulders and chest.

When building muscle it is important to be sure that you are giving your body enough fuel throughout the day. You need to up your caloric intake if you want to be able to build muscle and burn as much fat as humanly possible. It is important to learn which foods are best for repairing muscle fibers.

Creatine could be helpful. Creatine increases training endurance when paired with a protein- and carb-rich diet. Always speak to your doctor before starting any kind of supplement regimen, including creatine.

Make sure that you are consuming protein early during the day. You should ingest around twenty to forty grams of quick-digesting protein immediately upon waking up in order to ensure that your muscles are not evaporating. This stops your muscle breakdown that happens late at night while you are sleeping.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to building muscles than just hitting the gym every day. After reading this article, you should understand what to do to get started. If you use the tips you just read about, you’ll see the results you hoped for before you know it.

All Other Exercises Should Be Centered Around These Three.


Muscle Building

Is your weight training regimen unique? This can be tough to answer. Many people are trying to build muscle on their own, and while it is possible, sometimes it can be frustrating. Reading through these tips will provide you with a variety of wonderful ideas for bodybuilding.

One common mistake is to be more concerned with the speed of your workout than the techniques you use. Instead of trying to squeeze in as many reps as possible, focus instead on completing your reps slowly and correctly. Pace yourself and keep correct form throughout your workout.

If you want to increase muscle mass, you need to eat more food as well. The amount you eat should be equivalent to you gaining around a pound of weight each week. Think about different ways to increase your intake of calories. Do this for two weeks, and if you still don’t see a weight change, you might want to increase the intake even more.

You have to make sure that you always warm up if you are trying to build your muscle mass. Stronger muscles will be more stressed and prone to injury. By warming up, these injuries can be prevented. Warm up by completing a cardio exercise, such as running on a treadmill, for 10 minutes before you begin weight training, and then start off with some light reps to get into the groove.

When building muscle is important, do not forget about carbohydrates. Carbs provide energy to your body, allowing you to make it through your workout. Otherwise, your body will break down your stored protein and muscle for energy instead. Eat enough carbohydrates so that your body can function, and you will be able to make it through your workouts.

Try to workout for an hour, or less. After sixty minutes, your body will begin to produce increased amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol. The cortisol can block testosterone and waste the efforts you are putting toward your bodybuilding. For best results, keep your workouts under sixty minutes so that you don’t produce excessive amounts of cortisol.

It may be possible to make yourself appear larger than you do already. Focus on your upper chest, back and shoulders and train them specifically. Doing so will often create the illusion that your waist is smaller then it really is, giving you an appearance of greater upper body girth.

Remember that you need lots of extra calories to build muscles. There are a variety of calculators online that can help you determine your caloric need based on the amount of muscle you wish to gain. Chose the calculator that you like the best, and then change up your diet if you need to so that you are getting the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and other nutrients that you need.

Know where your limit is, and push yourself to it. Keep pushing yourself to complete the exercises in a set even if you’re tired. Don’t stop until you literally cannot do any more of the exercise. If you start getting tired, shorten the lengths of the sets.

Cheating a bit when lifting can help you maximize your workout. When you push out a couple of extra repetitions by using part of your body, you magnify the results of your workout. But do not make that an excuse to cheat on all of your reps! Your rep speed should be controlled. Do not compromise your form under any circumstance.

If you are interested in bulking up, you should focus on bench pressing, dead lifting and squatting. All these exercises will assist you in getting in the best shape as fast as possible and build muscles. All other exercises should be centered around these three.

Only exercise three or four times each week. This will help your body recover by giving it the time it needs in order to repair itself. Too much exercise may cause injury and that can be counterproductive.

Make sure you are eating food that supports your workout schedule. Muscle building requires a diet high in protein and lower in fat. Instead of eating more food, though, just make sure your diet is balanced. Vitamins and protein supplements may also help you to boost your results.

Remember to stretch before you work out. Stretching is necessary to warm your muscles and prevent injury, and stretching after your workout will relax your muscles and help them recover. It can also be helpful to get massages to relax your muscles.

Make sure that the goals you set yourself are for the short-term and are achievable. Not only will you get discouraged with goals that are not reachable, you risk serious injury as well. Once you know your starting strength, you will be better able to identify appropriate goals. At times you may be able to achieve more than you think. This may encourage you and motivate you to continue exercising.

Keep doing cardio exercises even when focusing on strength training. Cardiovascular workouts are an important part of keeping your heart healthy. Doing twenty minute, moderate intensity cardiovascular workouts three times per week is enough to promote a healthy heart without impacting bodybuilding.

Muscle development needs excellent methods and techniques for making muscles bigger or stronger. Implement the ideas you learned in this article in order to achieve weight training success. When you have the right info, you can get the most from your muscles.

Methods For Muscle Building For 2017

Stretch for at least 10 minutes before starting your daily weight lifting exercises. This will help to prevent injury by warming up your muscles before they are asked to lift a heavy load. An additional advantage of preventing injuries is that you can spend more time working out instead of recovering.

The Ultimate She Shed Guide


You have heard of men in sheds, but have you heard of she sheds?. No, well get ready, because this is the latest trend. Across the world, homeowners are building she sheds in their gardens. There are all kinds of types. Here are just a few examples.

She shed options

The thing about a shed is that it is a private space that can be used for practically any purpose. The availablity of modern building materials means that they are definately no longer those ramshackle drafty places which were only really fit for storing the mower in.

Yoga sheds

One of the most popular configurations is the yoga shed. Most people opt for a wooden one. They are the ideal way for you to feel closer to nature. Being in an enviroment that is free of man-made materials is a surprisingly relaxing experience. 

At their simpiest yoga sheds just have a mat or maybe two in them. With some sort of speaker system or a way to mount your iPad, so you can follow your teacher´s instructions. 

In time, you may want to add some more items to your yoga shed, so you can use it for other types of exercise. Or, you may want to turn it into a meditation and/or spa style space. Adding a comfortable chair and a heater can be a good idea. In some cases, it is possible to add a small sauna to the corner of your sauna shed.

A craft shed

A lot of women love nothing better than to spend a few hours creating. They find it relaxing and it is always nice to be able to make gifts for friends and family. A shed is a great way to keep everything you need to hand, but out of the way.

If you do opt for a craft shed, consider having a large window installed. It is much nicer being to work in natural light, especially if you are working on something that requires close work. 

A home office

A lot of women run home businesses. Setting up an office in the corner of a shed is a great way of keeping everything you need for work close at hand. It also helps to have somewhere to go to that seperates you a bit from your family life.  Going into your shed office makes it possible for you to switch from one mode to another.

A cute chill out space

An old garden shed can make a really comfortable outdoor room. In some sheds there is enough space for a two-seater sofa and a coffee table. Plus, maybe another comfy chair and a couple of nice pot plants. It is great to be able to slip out and enjoy a coffee, brunch or afternoon tea out there. This works particulalry well if you have a shed with big windows or can open up a panel or two. On colder or wet days you can still otu there and enjoy looking out at your garden. It is a good way to spend a bit more time enjoying the outdoors, without necessarily having to be out in the elements.