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Getting Back to Basics: A Customer Service Tale

One hot summer day my daughter and I ventured to our local craft store with one mission in mind – purchase velvet covered coloring panels called fuzzy boards. Little did we know this simple trip would turn into such an adventure. 

The store advertised the boards on sale and offered a 40% discount coupon. My daughter excitedly selected two boards however I noticed different manufacturers produced them, so I asked her to select an extra board just in case both were not on sale. She did, and we proceeded to the cashier. With a half hour until closing, we eagerly approached the only open register, behind which stood two young women. This is when the adventure began, and things took a turn for the worse. 

Ignored by Service Associate

We saw two store clerks at the check out. Seated on the floor was one associate who faced the cashier line and the other, the cashier, did not which made it impossible for her to be aware of approaching customers. When she saw us, the associate on the floor did cease her end of the conversation and told the cashier she had customers. Unfortunately, the cashier ignored this information because it took her a minute before she turned and greeted us with “Oh, I sorry.” I’m not sure exactly what she apologized for because she then proceeded to continue her conversation. 

I told the cashier we needed to know if all of the items were on sale. Although she acknowledged the request, she still continued talking to the other associate and proceeded to scan all of the items for purchase. When I pointed out her error her response was “Oh, okay, sorry,” and once again she resumed her conversation. She clearly was not present – her mind was engaged and committed elsewhere. Her actions communicated her conversation was far more important than this sale. 

The cashier did one final thing that was the final straw. After the correct total was tallied, my daughter handed the cashier a 40% off store coupon. The cashier took it and immediately threw the coupon away, turned to us with a smile and told us our total. At this point, I thought I was in the twilight zone or on some really bad reality show. 

Horrible Customer Service

When I asked why the coupon was thrown away, she explained the coupon was only valid on regularly priced items. After a very deep breath, I proceeded to share few ideas. First, I stated when she threw the coupon away, we were unclear why. I explained an explanation of her actions would have avoided any misunderstandings or ill will.

She apologized once again, and said she understood and agreed. Second, I stated her inattentiveness during the transaction was inappropriate and did not make us feel like the valued customers we are. Finally, I said during business hours it is best to remain focused the most important component to retail success, customers. Personal conversations are best left for discussion after hours, and not while your customers are reviewing your service. Her associate must have agreed, too, because at this point she turned and walked way. 

This shopping excursion caused me to pause and think all service provider must always exhibit certain basic behaviors.

Basic Rules of Good Customer Service 

Acknowledge Customers

How many times have you walked in a store and you weren’t acknowledged? How did you feel? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed service providers who take personal phone calls (or worse answer their cell), speak to other co-workers regarding non-urgent matters, or who simply walk away without explanation. Basic customer service requires an acknowledgement as soon a customer enters your establishment. Whether you will be ready to provide service in one minute or twenty.

An acknowledgement says “I’m glad to see you and value your business. We will help you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.” A little appreciation goes a long way, especially if at the time you find yourself short handed. As soon as you see customers…acknowledge them. Although this sounds obvious, it simply just isn’t practiced as it should. 

Be Present and Listen

When assisting customers, it is important to always be “present.” Being present required you to be in the moment ready to provide your customer with your full, undivided attention from start to finish. It is imperative customer’s always feel important and the center of attention. To accomplish this you must remain fully focused. 

Active listening is a critical component of any customer interaction. This is a big difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is the perception of sound. Active listening requires us to hear, interpret, and then take action. Active listening empowers us to consistently provide our customers exactly what they need. 

Explain Your Plan

Customers need to know and want to understand the reason for your plan of action. Many times I have returned an item only to have the clerk shove a form and pen in front of me without so much as a please or explanation. As if I should be know what they want from me. Always clearly explain each step and the reason for your request. 

Appy these basic rules to give outstanding customer service.

Income Tax Debt Relief Reno NV

Two of life’s great certainties are death and taxes – but a lot of individuals who owe the IRS act as if they don’t understand this maxim. Failing to pay your income tax is a very bad idea. You will owe money to the government and the government can catch up on you and hit you with a bill you’ll have to pay with interest eventually. Life can seem pretty bleak if you have a big tax and cannot pay.   Time to enjoy reduced stress and get this monkey off your back.  Visit Income Tax Debt Relief Reno NV for an excellent solution.

Maybe one of the most kept secret of the IRS is that tax debt you owe but cannot pay can be forgiven. There are a lot of companies that can come in to assist you settle with the government.

What is tax debt relief in Reno NV?

This term is broad, and it covers any program, incentive or services that assist an individual reduce or get rid of outstanding tax debts.

When to seek tax debt relief in Reno NV?

There are four instances when an individual can consider getting a tax debt relief. Consult a tax debt attorney for your income tax debt forgiveness in Reno NV.

1.You are going through an audit, like the IRS tax audit

2.You have failed to file your tax returns to date

3.Currently, you owe tax that you cannot afford to pay, whether to the state or the IRS

4.You have ran out of compliance with the IRS Code

If you find yourself in any of these situations, that is not the end of the world. There are things you can do to lower the impact of tax debts in your financial well-being. That issue can be handled by:

1.Not ignoring the issue

The IRS will not ignore the problem. Even if you fail to pay what you owe, ensure you file your return in a timely manner, or if you cannot, file to get an extension. There is a penalty of 5 percent of your owed tax every month when you file late.

2.Being realistic

Tax debt relief is only offered to individuals having real financial difficulties. If you or a member of your family has had a serious health challenge, or you got fired from your job or have no prospect of generating any income in the future, you may be qualified for a tax debt relief in Reno NV. tax debt relief is for people that are sincerely struggling with their tax burdens – you have to be realistic with yourself.

3.Hiring an attorney

You can hire an attorney for your tax debt relief in Reno NV to negotiate with the IRS if you owe over $10,000. There are different payment plans; an experienced attorney can get you better terms. The attorney can also help you avoid getting a tax lien, which can damage your credit.

How about bankruptcy in Reno NV?

 Although it can eliminate your tax debt, it is not a certainty. You must go through your finances by using the bankruptcy codes to ensure you qualify for a tax debt relief in Reno NV. Also have it in mind that bankruptcy can have huge consequences.

For your income tax debt forgiveness in Reno NV, contact us today. We are experienced tax relief advocates that have proudly served residents of Irvine for many years. We have assisted thousands of people, families and businesses resolve their tax problems with the IRS without losing any sleep over the details. Whether you owe the IRS money, have unfiled returns, are going through an audit, or have other tax issues, we are here to protect your interests – simply call Tax Relief Advocates at 888.TAX.1007.


What types of legal jobs are available in Sydney

In this article, we describe some of the many types of legal jobs Sydney lawyers have available to them.

We also list a number of sample job openings that are actually available right now.

Job Types


Administration & Office Support

Advertising, Arts & Media

Banking & Financial Services

Call Centre & Customer Service

CEO & General Management

Community Services & Development


Consulting & Strategy

Design & Architecture

Education & Training


Farming, Animals & Conservation

Government & Defence

Healthcare & Medical

Hospitality & Tourism

Human Resources & Recruitment

Information & Communication Technology

Insurance & Superannuation

Banking & Finance Law

Construction Law

Corporate & Commercial Law

Criminal & Civil Law

Environment & Planning Law

Family Law

Generalists – In-house

Generalists – Law Firm

Industrial Relations & Employment Law

Insurance & Superannuation Law

Intellectual Property Law

Law Clerks & Paralegals

Legal Practice Management

Legal Secretaries

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Personal Injury Law

Property Law

Tax Law

Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Marketing & Communications

Mining, Resources & Energy

Real Estate & Property

Retail & Consumer Products


Science & Technology

Self Employment

Sport & Recreation

Trades & Services

Typical legal job vacancies

Litigation Lawyer – Newcastle


The Firm Our client is a well-regarded, mid-sized firm with interesting work across several practice areas. Its partners are modern in their approach.

Solicitor (Aboriginal Support) – Tenants’ Union of NSW


Company Beyond Law Job Title Beyond Law Location NSW Posting Date 2019-08-27 00:00:00 Closing Date 2019-09-20 00:00:00 Job Code Category Legal Department Shift Job Type Education Young Lawyer Pay Rate Pay Range Duration Travel Job Description Aboriginal and … 

Entry Level Customer Service Specialists | Legal Experience | CBD Location

Sinclair RecruitmentSydney CBD NSW$50, 000 – $50, 000 a yearWe are seeking somebody with all-round technology skills and experience within a law firm to join this buzzing team! You will be assisting clients from many sectors.

For further information, please visit :

Painting Windows

Painter Lake Stevens

Steps to

There are three common types of windows: double hung, casement, and fixed sash, Double hung windows are the most common; they are the familiar guillotine type window, with sliding top and bottom sash. Casement windows open like doors; some are controlled by cranks, others are controlled by push rods or handles. Fixed sash windows are those that do not open.

Keeping Paint off Window Parts.

Rule one for painting windows: do not get paint in the window works. Usually this simply means keeping paint out of the window channels. It does not matter if you are painting the windows white and the channels are dark stained wood. Resist the urge for uniformity. If you paint the channels, the sash will stick and the windows will not work properly. Either live with the contrast in colors, or paint the channels later.

If you are painting older windows that have sash weight cords or chains, do not paint the cords, chains, or pulleys. If you get paint on these parts, there is a good chance that the windows will not work properly. With casement windows, be sure to keep paint out of the cranks, push rods, handles, and hinges.

Freeing a Stuck Window.

If you find that a window sash was painted shut during the last paint job, free it by using a putty knife or utility knife to cut the paint film binding the sash to the window frame. The window may be painted shut on the inside or outside. Do not bang on the window sash with a hammer. If a window needs a little “persuading,” place a wood block against the sash and tap gently. Be careful not to knock sash corners apart.

Double Hung Windows

If you have not already removed the sash lock hardware, do it now. Place the hardware in plastic bags so small parts and screws do not get lost. Apply only one coat of paint to meeting edges such as sash rails and sash to frame joints. A paint buildup at these joints can prevent the window from opening and closing easily

When you paint the window sash, it is nearly impossible to keep paint off the glass. Fortunately, dried paint comes off glass very easily, so when painting the sash, let the paint lap onto the glass about 1/8 to 1/4 inch. After the paint dries, remove the overlap with a razor blade

Beginning the Upper Sash.

Pull the upper sash down at least an inch to make it easier to paint the top rail. Check the top edge of each sash for any paint buildup. Sand or scrape off fat edges (if any). Paint buildup on the top of either sash can prevent the window from closing properly.

Finishing the Upper Sash.

Push the lower sash all the way up. Then pull the upper sash down to expose the unpainted bottom portion. Finish painting the upper sash. Push the upper sash up to within about an inch of closing to let the top rail dry before pushing it into its channel.

Painting the Lower Sash.

Pull the lower sash down to a comfortable level for painting. Do not push it into the bottom channel. This allows you to paint the entire bottom rail. Paint the lower sash working from top to bottom.

Removing Paint from Glass.

Use a straightedge to score a line along the glass where the paint will end. Then use a window scraper to remove the paint. This tool is designed to hold a single edged razor blade. You can also use a razor blade to remove the paint.

Casement Windows.

Casement windows are painted in this order: hinge edge; muntins; top, bottom, and sides of sash; and finally the frame. Remember to sand out fat edges before painting. Keep paint out of hinges. When the paint becomes tacky, rotate the sash in and out slightly to break the paint film.


Flashing is a shiny spotting effect that occurs when wet paint is applied over an area of dry paint. The painted area may flash even if you use the same paint, from the same can, applied with the same brush within a half hour. High gloss paints are more prone to flashing than semi-gloss or flat paints, and some colors tend to flash more than others. Keeping a wet edge helps prevent flashing.

Flashing is not much of a consideration for most inferior painting jobs that use low gloss latex paint. However, if semi-gloss or gloss paint is used, you must be careful about keeping a wet edge. Flashing is obvious on touch ups on enamel painted wood trim, such as doors and window frames.

If the paint flashes, there is no way to fix it. Either live with the results or do the job over carefully, while keeping a wet edge.


All The Information On Planning Your Holiday To Anna Maria Island

There can be no doubt that Florida is incredibly blessed when it concerned stunning destination, and though the wide choice is an excellent thing, it can trigger some hidden gems to be ignored. No matter if there are couples, entire families or single tourists included, the appeal of Anna Maria Island Florida is indisputable. Located on Florida’s west coast with spectacular white sand beaches neglecting the Gulf of Mexico, there is so much to enjoy about this unique part of Florida.Found on Florida’s west coast with sensational white sand beaches overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, there is so much to delight in about this special part of Florida. There are plenty of huge cities in Florida that tourists discover all the time, like Orlando and Miami, but there are likewise reasonably undiscovered areas that provide a lot of delight to visitors, and Anna Maria Island, which is found simply south of Tampa, is among these locations.

Cities of Anna Maria Island

Holmes Beach has a population of about 4,300 year-round homeowners; the community likewise has some of the best views in Florida. Water with the most lovely green color, white grain sand that spans miles, and the best fishing in the state can all be found in one small location. Going on trip as a household is truly a special experience, and Holmes Beach has whatever you could potentially need, consisting of a beautiful spot to take pleasure in the sun and browse, in addition  to some terrific off coast and in coast fishing. Do not forget to visit Coffee shop on the Beach to enjoy their pancake breakfasts which are well-known throughout the region. Bradenton Beach gets a great deal of pride from its little however active neighborhood of around 1,300 individuals. It is the tiniest neighborhood making up Anna Maria Island Florida, nevertheless it has tons of appeal! Bradenton is Holmes Beach‘s sister city and includes mangrove environment with moorings and docks for charter fishing boats along with miles of gorgeous “sugar” white sand beaches. The City Pier is a must-visit attraction that’s well worth a visit; you’ll find that the coffee shop there is exceptional enough to attract both residents and visitors. Just an hour drive south of Tampa is Anna Maria, a seaside area which features white sand and a 35 miles per hour speed limit, which makes it a great spot for people who like to walk, cycle, or just wish to relax in general. The city is very proud that there are no high rise beach hotels.In between the regional shops, the golf course, and the fantastic beaches, this location is the ideal place for a holiday that will enable anyone to relax and stay care totally free.

Historic Anna Maria Island Florida

If you enjoy history and you like to learn about various places, Anna Maria Island is the perfect location for you because there are a wide array of historical sites to check out while on your holiday. The beautiful Green Village utilizes contemporary sustainable technology, like solar panels and wind energy, to keep up with the numerous contemporary benefits visitors anticipate, all without leaving a carbon footprint, working to restore the historic structures and charming homes to as close as possible to their original state that they were prepared to be centuries back. City Pier is an enjoyable place for modern day guests, however it’s likewise loaded with modern-day history and scattered with a ton of interesting markers and older buildings. Bean Point includes big, sandy beaches and is the place where Tampa Bay converges with the Gulf of Mexico. This historical house of George Emerson Bean has experienced an absence of development, which supplies the area with a feeling of quiet and peace, and visitors are able to quickly manage what it may have resembled a century earlier. **1st Sentence-7p** The historical bridge and pier are located at Bridge Street Pier. They were redesigned into a historical site, where visitors to the island can learn more about its unique history.

Places To Get Some Food On Anna Maria Island

Anything that you remain in the state of mind for can be found at the exceptional restaurants on Anna Maria Island, and something will certainly match your existing cooking desire. Whether you’re on the hunt for the very best hamburger from a bar and grill, searching for a deli sandwich, or wish to have a great dining experience at a multi-star dining facility, you’ll find specifically what you requirement and food that satisfies even the biggest of requirements. Have you been looking for seafood that’s fresh? Make sure to prepare to go to OShucks Raw Bar and Grill and The Marlin. With favorable evaluations throughout the web, both boast a huge variety of sort of seafood. The finest Italian dining is provided by Vinny’s Italian Kitchen location on Anna Maria Island whether it occurs to be paninis, pizza, or pasta. Waterfront Dining facility is renowned for being amongst the best areas to take in in town. Their take a seat option products great deals of various food choices for the entire family. If you wish to go someplace a little stylish, try The Banquet restaurant. You certainly will wish to examine the area out since there are numerous up and coming food stands, restaurants, little food shacks in addition to bars and grills that supply an outstanding range of impressive food alternatives.

Golf Course Anna Maria Island Florida

While golf enthusiasts agree Anna Maria Island has a lovely golf course, as much as 60 more can be found within an hour’s drive along the coast between Bradenton and Sarasota. If golfing while staying on Anna Maria Island is a leading concern, the Key Royale Club is the place to be. It is a remote nation club with its own golf course. This is a 9 hole, 32-par, members only golf course, so a membership is required to either play golf on site or to consume a meal at the restaurant on website. There are various options and numerous subscriptions for junior, corporate, summer season, and the popular “social subscription” choice. One option for people who get accepted is the introductory 6-month membership and numerous individuals are very shocked to discover how reasons the fees are. If that isn’t possible for you, then taking the brief drive to Bradenton will open more than 60 alternatives, with most of them being public, to guarantee that you get your fix of golf on your next Florida vacation.

Anna Maria Island Water Sports


When you are on vacations, what type of water sports do you like to take part in? After getting to Anna Maria Island, you will discover that there are lots of options prepared for your element to think about. The magnificent beauty of the Gulf of Mexico is always something to treasure, nevertheless getting to do it at high speed and enjoying an adrenaline rush along the way isn’t something you must pass up, so definitely take a look at the many places utilizing jet ski leasings. Anna Maria Island uses parasailing experiences in addition to boat leasings. Thanks to the quickly offered local businesses of the place, you can enjoyable in the water in many methods and have experiences that will excitement you, since these services will do everything they can to keep you safe by providing you with any of the gadgets that you might need. Expert dive charter organisation can set up to take you scuba diving or snorkeling near the breathtaking wrecks that are around which the local tourist guide can take you to and let you explore them all based upon your ability level and your capabilities.

Holiday Leasings on Anna Maria


You do not have to choose the extremely first option offered to you, since there are a great deal of leasings on Anna Maria Island and great deals of are great! Choose to lease a house, a hotel area, space at a bed and breakfast, or a cottage. No matter what you think about to be the best trip rental, choices that will fit within your budget strategy and preferences are offered. Specific kind of leasings are certainly going to be more pricey than others and there will also be cost-effective offers. You can find a bargain on a few of the rentals in the area, nevertheless there are also choices that will set you back a bit more cash. If a whole beach home is leased that will cost a lot more than an affordable hotel or hostel that is a bit off shore. It is possible to find terrific holiday property or business property leasings by going a number of various courses. Consider the information: whether you wish to have a third or 2nd story view of the beach or be right there, a hotel versus a house, house versus a condominium– there are many methods of enjoying friendly hospitality, stunning beaches, and the special gem that the area of Anna Maria Island truly is. Make sure you look for ceiling fans, central air conditioning, someplace to grill outdoors, and any other things that you think you and your home need while you’re vacationing. If you want to set yourself up with the best real estate circumstance possible while you are on Anna Maria Island, it is really crucial to take part in a bit of research study to make sure you get what you desire, since there is nothing like returning to terrific lodgings following a day of enjoyable in Florida, where you might find yourself striking the beach, fishing and even golfing!

Do Not Hesitate Another Moment

Anna Maria Island Florida is amongst the absolute best getaway, so prepare to go there! No matter what you are searching for, you will discover it on this island, as you can simply relax on the beach, jump into a water sport or take a look at the place to maximize your time. From delighted travelers to friendly locals, there is an excellent mix here that assists everyone have a terrific trip whether they are bringing the entire household along for that bonding time that is long overdue or travelling solo. Anna Maria Island is really an unique tourist location, as it deals visitors various activities to participate in, however unlike substantial cities that are also popular, it isn’t extremely huge or hectic and permits individuals to relax and enjoy their time far from house. Workout certainty this time when making this.