Could some ICO Models Let Anyone Sell Tokens Legally?

A Bitcoin Startup called “Civil” asks If it is legal for anyone to sell Tokens

Civil, the blockchain startup is definitely looking to disrupt the media, will be offering its crypto token to investors of all kinds – both accredited and unaccredited – next week.  “We’re going to be providing ways, easy ways, for people in the first days of the network launch to essentially learn how to vote with their token, use our Dapp and become trained. And in that process of training, they will have to prove use of the system allowing them to unlock those tokens.”

The first way Civil is gearing its token sale towards an actual use beyond speculation is by explaining within whitepaper is that as a part of the registration process to “bid” for the tokens that the sale is for “reach” users only and that there are certain conditions that they must adhere too before they can invest.


Participants will have to enter and answer questions in a quiz which is aimed at demonstrating their knowledge of how crypto tokens and blockchain works as part of the onboarding process through Token Foundry.

Given the blockchain industry is relatively new, there isn’t a whole lot of information on the topic (from a project’s perspective), and with each new ICO, teams are learning best practices on what to do and what not to do so in the case of the “Civil” launch the idea is to weed out those who have limited knowledge of the Bitcoin startup process in order to ascertain if they are capable of understanding the risk factors involved in this type of investment.

“Civil” raised $5,000,000

Civil, which has raised $5 million from the blockchain venture studio ConsenSys, plans to make the licensing tool available to all the newsrooms in its ecosystem once it’s up and running.

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