A Perfectly Kissable Lip

If you’ve ever watched a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, you know the magic that is contouring. A few swipes of a bronzer and highlighter can give you Gisele cheekbones or a Rihanna jawline, and some strategically placed lip liner and concealer can leave you with ultra-plump, or super-thinned, lips. Of course, in an ideal world, we would all deeply love ourselves and accept every one of our body insecurities, no matter how big or small, and live out the rest of our years in a happy, anxiety-free oasis. But this is real life, and sometimes, you want to play with your lip shape.

Perfect Lips

According to Dr. Lorenc, there are four lip shapes that are most desired: heart-shaped lips, Hollywood lips, perfectly proportioned lips, and puffy lips. “Taylor Swift has a well-defined Cupid’s bow. Because of this, her lips are heart-shaped. Angelina Jolie has both a full upper and lower lip. With Permanent Makeup for your lips, you can achieve the perfect shape.

Crazy Lip Concepts

Animal prints are classic, when it comes to fashion. Be it on a dress, accessories or nail art, animal print is loved by all fashion lovers. The inspiration behind this animal print lip art is the majestic cheetah. The use of pink and black combination is giving this design an amazing effect.

Pop Art Inspired Lip Art Inspired by the comic books and pop art, this lip art offers a strong definition to the lips with a darker outline, which creates a unique anime-like lip effect. The black details at the center of the lips add stunning dimension and depth to the lip makeup.

Glossy Watermelon Lip Art Inspired by watermelon, this lip art is spectacularly done with a high glossy finish. It has a light green tone at the outer corners of the lips with the center filled with a lighter pink color. The seed patterns drawn at the center of the lips clearly show where the inspiration for this design comes from!

Ombre Lip Art This lip art is currently the hottest trend among runway models and actors. The impact of ombre can be done with subtle to stronger variations. This lip art uses a gorgeous color combination of purple and pink.



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