Getting Glowing Skin without Using Chemicals

If you want to take care of the planet, as well as your skin, read on. In this article, I show you some simple, easy to implement and cheap ways to reduce the number of chemical-based skin products you use.

Less is more skincare

When it comes to skincare, less is more. It is all too easy to get suckered into buying dozens of different products and end up apply ten or eleven products to your skin every day. This is never a good idea. Every time you put something on your skin you are changing its balance. The less you mess with it the healthier it will be. You should only really be applying products to your skin to address an actual problem. If you are not actually suffering from dry skin, stop using moisturizer and a night cream. You just donĀ“t need it. The fewer products you use the better it is for the environment.

Try natural skin care remedies first

Generally speaking, the more natural the skin remedy you choose, the better it is for the environment. So, instead of using a chemical cream to treat your thread veins try the horse chestnut based ones. It is a surprisingly effective way to make the smallest thread veins disappear completely. You can read more about it, here.

Protect your skin by staying active

The key to holding back the years is good circulation. Skin that has good blood flow going to it always stays in better condition. More of the toxins that build up from everyday life are carried away from the skin. Plus, new cells form faster when there is a good flow of blood. So, taking regular exercise will definitely help to keep your skin healthier. Because there are no products involved at all, this is a particularly environmentally friendly way to give your skin a boost.

Try dry brushing

Dry brushing is also incredibly good for circulation and for improving the health of your skin. It gets rid of surface toxins and greatly speeds up the production of new skin.

Where to find out more about natural skin care

The author of this article, Julie Marsh, specializes in chemical free skin care advice. You can read more about her and find out where to get more free skin care tips and tricks by clicking here –

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