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Simple Steps to Increase your Bitcoin Holdings

In this article i will be sharing some simple steps that will allow you to increase your bitcoin and digital currency holdings.  the tips I will share are simple and easy to perform and should you follow them then im sure you will soon start to increase the amount of bitcoin you hold yourself.

Bitcoin affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an art that allows you to promote /sell other peoples products and be paid a percentage of the fee as a comission. This is a very lucrative business model for many.  vendors who own the products needs customers and in return for you brining them customers they will split some of the payment with you.

The company Amazon is a typical example of how successful affiliate marketing can be. Now imagine if you was to do the same but instead of being paid in regular fiat currency like the dollar of british pound, you will instead get paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Simply do a quick google search for bitcoin affiliate marketing to find affiliate systems that pay you in bitcoin.

Accept Bitcoin as a means of payment

If you already have a website or you are already selling products online then why not sell them for bitcoin, even better still, why not offer a discount if users buy your service using difgital currency.. By doing this you will be able to earn bitcoin in no time at all.

Earn Bitcoins by completing tasks on websites

A number of websites are popping up that allow you to solve and complete tasks on their websites and in return they will pay you in bitcoin. Again a simple google search will reveal such sites in their plenty. remember new sites get added daily so try and stay on top of the ball.

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