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Archive for March 2019

Staying In Control Of Payday Loans And Borrowing

Given the current state of the economy, there are more than few people out there dealing with acute cash shortages. You may wish to consider a payday loan if you need fast cash. Like with any other financial commitment, you have to understand all the terms and conditions to which you’ll be subject. Keep reading…

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5 Best Places to Distribute your Business Press Release

You wish to spread the word on your brand and receive networking chances. If you are a new marketer, then you likely don’t understand the areas to distribute your releases. Have a look at the five best places to place your launch to get maximum exposure and press coverage:  1. Email. But do not email…

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A Perfectly Kissable Lip

If you’ve ever watched a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, you know the magic that is contouring. A few swipes of a bronzer and highlighter can give you Gisele cheekbones or a Rihanna jawline, and some strategically placed lip liner and concealer can leave you with ultra-plump, or super-thinned, lips.¬†Of course, in an ideal world, we…

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