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Could some ICO Models Let Anyone Sell Tokens Legally?

A Bitcoin Startup called “Civil” asks If it is legal for anyone to sell Tokens Civil, the blockchain startup is definitely looking to disrupt the media, will be offering its crypto token to investors of all kinds – both accredited and unaccredited – next week.  “We’re going to be providing ways, easy ways, for people…

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Where Are ICO Notifications Announced?

ICO Notifications Announcements Developers, businesses, and individuals increasingly are using initial coin offerings, also called ICOs or token sales, to raise capital.  These activities may provide fair and lawful investment opportunities.  However, new technologies and financial products, such as those associated with ICOs, can be used improperly to entice investors with the promise of high…

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Getting Glowing Skin without Using Chemicals

If you want to take care of the planet, as well as your skin, read on. In this article, I show you some simple, easy to implement and cheap ways to reduce the number of chemical-based skin products you use. Less is more skincare When it comes to skincare, less is more. It is all…

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